Myanmar is a hidden paradise in the world. We have natural scenic beauty making for landscapes that are incredibly picturesque. We have natural great lakes, vast river deltas, unspoiled beaches and Island archipelagos ……snow capped mountains and deep forests with the rarest of flora and fauna.

Myanmar people are friendly, kind and hospital on all of people as Myanmar people culture. They are kind-hearted people and for example, a good Myanmar Burmese will never swear at the elders whether they are right or wrong. Myanmar Religion is part of the everyday lives of the Myanmar (Burmese) people. Yes, Myanmar people are religious, but they are not overly religious. True Myanmar is sharing, caring, and loving as their Myanmar people culture. What more could you possibly ask for in a person? They are often complimented for their friendly and simple nature. Myanmar people are the most courteous people that one could ever come across. Of course, there are some areas where people in Myanmar/Burma are considered as less fortunate, but let’s not go into that, because this should be all about how they should be proud of being a Myanmar…….

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