For Myanmar women to serve better interests of the nation

Today (3rd July) is Myanmar Women’s Day. With a view to promoting the capability
and life of Myanmar women, Myanmar Women’s Affairs Committee was formed on
3 July 1996, which was designated as Myanmar Women’s Day. Myanmar women come from the noble
lineage. And they are the loving gardeners who deliver and nurture future generations.
Myanmar Women’s Affairs Federation has been formed with the noble aim of
underlining the importance of the life security and development of Myanmar women. In
collaboration with related ministries, the government is taking measures for preventing
violence against women and trafficking in women and for nurturing and rehabilitating
women so as to ensure their life security. Myanmar women play an active part in
the economic, social and cultural sectors of the nation. Till today they have been actively
participating in promoting nationalistic spirit, patriotic spirit and Union Spirit as well as in
developing the Myanmar society and nurturing the younger generation.
At a time when Myanmar is building up a new modern nation, the Myanmar women
are urged to serve the better interest of the nation by taking part in nation-building tasks
with courage, conviction and perseverance in parallel with men.

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